15 April 2015

Johnny Orr Band and Autism Village joining together for new phone app creation


Autism Village and the Johnny Orr Band have joined together to Kickstart a phone app. This app will help assist autism families to be able to locate any autism friendly establishments such as: restaurants, dentists, doctors, barbers and more. You might think that you’ve found all of the autism friendly locations in your area, but what about when you’re traveling to other cities and states that you’re not familiar with? This app will eliminate your problems without question to give you peace of mind regarding your choices. Help us Kickstart this app by heading over to or search on for autismvillage and give just $1. Everyone has a buck sitting in their couch or car seat. You just don’t know how much that $1 will help fund this project, and as a gift for your $1 donation, you’ll receive a free copy of Johnny’s song “We’ll Get By” (the autism song).. What are you waiting for. GO NOW!!!! and thank you so much.